An Inside Look At Rackspace’s Global Culture [Video]

At Rackspace, we’re a global company. Our hybrid cloud is a global platform. And our unique culture knows no geographic boundaries.

Recently, Dave Sims, Rackspace lead storyteller and videographer, travelled abroad interviewing international customers about the hybrid cloud. During the trip, he stopped at three of Rackspace’s offices to capture what it is like to live and work in each unique environment.

Dave’s first stop was Rackspace’s Hong Kong office, which serves the roughly 50 countries that make up the Asia Pacific region and is home of the first hybrid cloud in APAC.

Second, Dave stopped at Rackspace UK, where he showcased a typical day at Rackspace’s UK office.

Dave’s third and final stop was Rackspace Benelux (a combination of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Rackspace’s Amsterdam-based office that is bringing the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud to that part of Europe. Like all Rackspace locations, Rackspace Benelux has its own unique culture influenced by its location.

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  1. This is some of the best corporate video I’ve ever seen. Cinematography, editing and color correction are spot on. Very refreshing.


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