Announcing Managed Google Cloud Platform by Rackspace

Starting today, Rackspace is the first managed service provider for Google Cloud Platform

Rackspace CEO Joe Eazor speaks at Solve New York, where we announced the beta launch of our managed Google Cloud Platform

A few months back, Rackspace announced a strategic relationship with Google to become its first official managed services support partner for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Today, I’m pleased to formally announce the launch of our beta program for our managed GCP offering, with an eye toward this fall for general availability. I’m also thrilled that as of today, Rackspace is officially partnered with all of the major hyperscale public cloud platforms to provide world-class managed services to customers on AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud Platform.

What is managed GCP?

Our managed GCP services offering includes access to industry-leading tools and automation, expertise and best-practices from our Google-certified architects and engineers — as well as on-demand access to those experts around the clock.

The goal of managed GCP is to enable Rackspace customers to experience the best reliability, security, scalability and availability possible on Google Cloud Platform.

Why managed GCP now?

Our decision to begin supporting GCP came as a direct response to demand from our customers, who are increasingly asking us to support their workloads on the cloud platform(s) of their choice. In the case of GCP, it was also rooted in our longstanding relationship with Google and our shared commitment to putting customers first.

The combination of this customer demand and our partnership with Google has understandably generated a lot of excitement and interest in the new offering. As we see more and more businesses using hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions, we believe this interest will continue to grow.

Beyond managed GCP

In addition to our beta launch of managed GCP today, we’re also announcing that Google has chosen Rackspace as its first managed services partner to provide Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) support outside of Google’s walls.

CRE is a group of Google Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) that help  GCP customers make their applications run with the same speed and reliability as some of Google’s most widely-used products and applications including Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and others.

This is huge for a number of reasons — namely because Google has chosen Rackspace engineers to be the first engineers outside of Google to provide CRE support to GCP customers.

Offering CRE support represents the evolution of a true Rackspace value — Fanatical Support. Our CRE partnership with Google will allow our engineers to begin working on everything from inspecting and helping optimize customer code and design, to implementation and operational procedures. We expect Rackspace-powered CRE support to go live by the end of this year and I will continue to provide updates on both managed Google Cloud Platform and CRE support throughout the coming months.

Learn more

As we are often reminded by our customers, the cloud is still in its infancy. Our partnership with Google and our incredibly talented architects and engineers are helping hundreds of new customers discover what’s next for their organizations. I encourage you to learn more about Rackspace’s managed GCP offering and the ways in which we are helping businesses navigate the complexity of the cloud.

Patrick Lee is vice president of Rackspace's Google Cloud business which he is responsible for building and growing. He has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, most recently working directly for Rackspace’s CEO in central strategy. Prior to joining Rackspace, Patrick served as a vice president at Belgian technology company Barco and was a consultant within PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Entertainment and Media advisory practice in Los Angeles. He earned an MBA from The University of California, Irvine and completed his B.S. at the University of Arizona.



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