Announcing Rackspace Cloud DNS API General Availability – A Free Service to Easily Manage Your Domains, Sub-Domains and Records

Back in July, we announced the public beta of our Cloud DNS API.  Based on customer feedback and hundreds of active public beta participants, we have made continuous improvements to ensure the API is production ready.   Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Rackspace Cloud DNS API to all US and UK cloud customers.

Domain and record management underlies nearly every web application and we have designed this API to make it easier to control this critical aspect of your web-based solutions.  The Rackspace Cloud DNS API enables you to automate and simplify your DNS management and has the features you have requested, including:

• REST-based API with comprehensive management capability
• New record types  (e.g. recent additions include TXT, AAAA, and SRV)
• Enhanced infrastructure with new regional DNS endpoints
• Decreased propagation times
• Full TTL Control
• Migration –import or export a BIND9-formatted file of domains and configuration details

Since July, we have also made significant updates to our underlying DNS infrastructure.  We are adding additional nameserver endpoints and have successfully improved response times and decreased the time to propagate changes.

If you want to learn more, go to the Rackspace Cloud DNS web page here.

And we’re not done yet.  While there is some DNS functionality already available in our current Cloud Control Panel, we are working to integrate the full set of Rackspace Cloud DNS API operations into our new Cloud Control Panel to deliver a first class user experience in 2012. Our goal is to expose the capabilities that are available via the API, including full management of domains and records, TTL settings, import/export, and more.


Rackspace Cloud DNS is FREE.  That’s right, there is no cost for using the Rackspace Cloud DNS in combination with other Rackspace Cloud products.  Existing Cloud Servers™, Cloud Servers with a managed service level, Cloud Sites™, and RackConnect™ customers have access to the Rackspace Cloud DNS by default.

Cloud DNS is backed by Fanatical Support.  For support details, visit our website here.


Implementation and management of our Cloud DNS solution is available through our API. To use our API, customers should have a general understanding of DNS management and be familiar with:

• RESTful Web Services
• JSON and/or XML Data Serialization Formats

To get started, download the API Developers Guide at

Check out the Rackspace Cloud DNS Knowledge Center FAQs here.

As always, we want to hear what you think about our offering.   Head over to our product feedback site and be heard.

Also, let us know if you have any questions about our new offering.  If you need the ability to automate and simplify your Domain Name System management, we hope you try our Rackspace Cloud DNS API offering.

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  1. Imagine an arrangement where I run a copy of bind on one of my servers, and your DNS service acts as a secondary (or multiple secondaries). It’s by far the easiest way of controlling DNS from my point of view. From your point of view, I imagine it would be much simpler than inventing a whole new protocol.

    Now you’ve invented your protocol, will you also support a system where you act as a secondary to my own DNS server? Please… It would make my life *so* much easier. 🙂

    (There are protocols in the RFCs for doing dynamic DNS updates, so I’m also curious to know why you rolled your own. If you thought those protocols were too difficult to use, which would be a fair point, you could always have developed a ‘simplified dynamic DNS’ library for common programming languages.)

    • Pete,
      Thanks. We opted to create a well-defined ReST API that provides value to customers managing their DNS at Racksapce as well as one that integrates and interoperates with existing Rackspace products and services. You do raise some excellent ideas around dynamic dns and I hope that you will find that our API does not prevent you from providing a simplified dynamic DNS client library on top of our service. If you have any other specific product feature requests, I encourage you to head over to our product feedback site to submit your ideas and suggestions.

  2. I’m interested in using Cloud DNS as a secondary nameserver – reading/xferring my zones from an external primary? Is this supported (yet)?



  3. I wish you could somehow lift the restriction that DNS management for a domain is limited to a single account on Rackspace Cloud Sites.

    Many web design companies host their sites at Rackspace. If a person wants to move from web design/site management company to another then you have a huge problem. It happens pretty often and will become even more frequent as Rackspace grows.

    I think maybe part of the solution to this would be to use vanity namservers so that nameserver settings are tied to each account/main domain on Rackspace.

  4. Any plans to support a geo-distributed DNS? Amazon and Dyn support totally different mechanisms (LBR vs geo tables) but they target solving the same problem. Any plans from RS to deliver something competing?


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