Announcing Webmail 6.5

We uploaded Webmail Version 6.5 this week for our customers. Thanks to major changes in the backend design of certain features, customers will notice increased speed throughout webmail—especially when logging in and when launching the Compose window. Many customers have already contacted us to say they’ve noticed the improvement!
In addition to the performance gains, we have integrated the following design enhancements:

  • We redesigned the Compose window, moving the buttons to a more intuitive position on the page, improving the auto-complete feature, and allowing users to compose their email while waiting for their attachments to upload.
  • You can now adjust your date and time format to support European and 24-hour time structures.
  • The Contacts feature now supports foreign languages, and you can add a photo image for each contact.
  • Company Directories can now support aliases.

We will continue to enhance Webmail over the coming months. Keep checking our blog–and share your ideas with us via Idea Central.

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