Apache Libcloud graduates to a Top Level Apache Project

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Apache Libcloud is a Python library, which provides a standard interface for talking to different cloud providers. The team is proud to announce that this week Libcloud has graduated from the Apache Incubator to a Top Level Project. This puts Libcloud on par with other Apache projects such as Apache Web Server and Apache Cassandra.

The driving force behind starting a project such as Libcloud was to address a lack of cloud standards and problems with a real-world cloud interoperability.

In the Summer of 2009, Libcloud development began at Cloudkick.  Soon after open-sourcing the library and a first release, the Libcloud team decided to join the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Incubator.

After almost two years of being in the Incubator, Libcloud has had multiple releases with many of the provider drivers and features being contributed by the community.

With currently more than 20 different compute drivers, Libcloud’s primary goal has been to provide a standard interface for managing the “compute” part of the cloud stack, but with a recent release of Libcloud 0.5.0, the library now also provides a standard interface for managing the cloud storage and load-balancers.

“Our goal going forward is to support all the major cloud services offered by different providers.” said Apache Libcloud Vice President Tomaz Muraus.

“Developers love the existing Libcloud interface because it is clean and easy to use.  We plan to bring the same simplicity and ease of use to other services such as storage and load-balancers.”

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