Apache Libcloud: New Features, Improvements

Apache Libcloud is an open-source Python client library that creates a standard interface for managing multiple cloud providers, including Rackspace.

Between 0.6.1 and current release (0.10.1) seven months of development took place and a lot of new features and improvements were added, which I want to talk about in this blog post.

Improvements In The OpenStack And Rackspace Drivers

OpenStack and Rackspace drivers received a lot of improvements and new features, including, but not limited to:

  • Keystone 2.0 support (authentication),
  • New storage driver which works with OpenStack Swift installations
  • Large object upload support for CloudFiles driver
  • A lot of improvements and new extension methods in the Rackspace load balancer driver

Python 3 Support

The 0.7.0 release introduced full support for Python 3. Libcloud is now one of the first Python cloud libraries that supports Python 2.5, Python 2.6, Python 2.7 / PyPy and Python 3 with a single code base.

Support For Compressed Responses

Since the 0.8.0 release Libcloud now knows how decompress and handle compressed responses (deflate, gzip). Compressed responses are usually much smaller than the uncompressed ones, which means this will save you a decent amount of bandwidth, especially if you do a lot of polling.

New Drivers

Since the latest update Libcloud has added support for more than 10 new providers and locations:

  • CloudStack (compute)
  • OpenNebula v1.4, v2.x and v3.x (compute)
  • Joyent (compute)
  • VCL cloud (compute)
  • Vmware vCloud v1.5 (compute)
  • IBM SCE (compute)
  • libvirt (compute, experimental)
  • Amazon EC2 South America and Oregon locations (compute, storage)
  • ElasticHosts United States and Canada locations (compute)
  • CloudSigma United States location (compute)


This is just a short list of new features and improvements that have landed in trunk in the last seven months. For a full list of changes, please see the CHANGES file. You can find more information including examples and a getting started guide, and follow Libcloud development and news on the project website – http://libcloud.apache.org/.

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