API additions

Some of this blog’s readers know that we offer API’s that allow programmer’s to access and update information on our servers.  Programmers can access many administrative areas and can do things like put in a new mailbox or alias, or log in a user to the webmail client from a customer-hosted web page.

We’ve put out some updates to our API that will allow better manipulation of what we call the ’sub-account’ level of access.  Resellers of our service have sub-accounts, companies with one or more domains that purchase email service through the reseller.  The new API functions allow resellers to build programs that do things like move a domain from one sub-account to another, get a list of administrators for a sub-account, and add/change/delete administrators and domains.

We have not found any issues with the new API functions, but we still consider them beta.  Drop me a line if you’d like the access: kirkblog@webmail.us


Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


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