Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) Improve Performance, Customer Experience

We live in an on-demand society. Customers want business applications and data to be available anytime, anywhere – both quickly and reliably. In a recent study, Aberdeen Group revealed a response time delay of just 1-second leads to a measurable decrease in customer satisfaction and subsequent conversions.

Traditionally, load balancers have served as a means to improve performance by managing traffic volume. The increasing demands of network traffic, however, have proven load balancers to be ineffective.

Fortunately, growing network demands have led to the evolution of much more powerful systems called Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). Located within the data center, ADCs offer various functions – caching, compression, connection multiplexing and SSL offload – that dramatically increase the speed at which applications are delivered via the web.

Always looking for ways to improve client performance, Rackspace recently recommended AppRiver should employ advanced ADCs from F5. By doing so, AppRiver has been able to more readily secure, optimize and deliver its mail-scanning applications.

According to David Liberatore, AppRiver’s Director of Network Infrastructure, their end-user application performance and availability was once a key concern. Since implementing F5 BIG-IP solution, “…end-user application performance has increased 40%, support tickets for our teams have decreased, and we can now focus our resources on feature improvement and product development.”

Click here to read the full Application Delivery Controllers White Paper for more information about how ADCs can increase speed, thereby helping to improve customer satisfaction.

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