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The need to protect your data – in more ways than just storing it on your hard drive – is increasing. Industry regulations, legal requirements, and business continuance needs are all contributing to growing concerns that your data needs to be available when and where you need it. These requirements also apply to emails.
We have been providing Bcc Archiving in the past, allowing you to archive your emails in a designated mailbox. However, many customers have asked to receive their email on CD or DVD in order to meet legal requirements or as part of their disaster recovery plan. This is now available to all customers, enabling you to expand your archival library.
Here are some of the highlights of the Archive Disks:
– Disks come with the software needed to view and search email
– Disks can be ordered as a monthly subscription or individually as needed
– Each disk contains the emails for one mailbox
– Either a CD or DVD will be shipped, depending the amount of email
Many customers who have asked about receiving email on disk in the past are already using our BCC Archiving service. BCC Archiving can capture all inbound and outbound email for a domain and save the email to a special mailbox. When monthly Archive Disks are ordered for a BCC Archive mailbox, email for an entire domain can be archived at once!
To learn more, please visit the Archiving Solutions portion of our website, or visit our website at and click on the Live Chat icon at the upper left portion of the page. We look forward to talking with you about the important offering!

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