Are You Cashed Out On Hardware Or Cashing In On Cloud?

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Lizetta Staplefoote | July 17, 2013 10:00 am

Eight out of 10 respondents to the 2012 CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook cite revenue growth as a top priority. For guidance on turning your IT organization into less of a cost center and more of a revenue center, check out the new CIO/IDG Research whitepaper, Cashing in on Cloud[1], commissioned by Rackspace Hosting with insights from Gerardo Dada, Rackspace Director of Product Marketing,

The paper explores the evolving IT environment and how enterprise IT professionals can seize opportunities to leverage technology and talent to advance business goals. “Smart IT leaders are getting out of the data center business because they understand it is a distraction to operate a data center and they will never do as good a job as a specialist,” Dada says in the whitepaper.

With pure cloud[2] and hybrid cloud[3] models, businesses have the flexibility of integrating cloud-based elements with dedicated[4] or on-premises resources to achieve their optimal infrastructure while maintaining control over security- or compliance-sensitive IT elements.

To help refocus the role of IT, the whitepaper[5] offers a checklist of steps to consider as a business moves deeper into the cloud. A key step highlighted is finding a strategic partner. Our Enterprise Cloud Services[6] team, powered by an elite group of enterprise IT specialists can help with the process of strategy development, assessment, design, migration, implementation and ongoing optimization business.

Read Cashing in on Cloud[7] or learn more about how Rackspace Enterprise Cloud Services[8] can help you get started cashing in on the cloud now.

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