Are We Going to Build SHARED Calendaring?

Filed in by Rackspace Blogger | March 15, 2006 1:31 pm

We’re getting this question a lot these days so I wanted to take the opportunity to address it.
The answer is YES, we are going to build sharing and collaboration capabilities into our webmail calendar (PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT have any immediate plans for integration with MS Outlook or other desktop email software clients).
But, I cannot give a time estimate yet as to when the first version will be released.
Here is what you can expect in the near term from our development team:
1. We’re 18 days from an internal beta of Harbinger, the project aimed at making our webmail client faster than its desktop counterparts. Speed and performance are the goals here and once we nail them, we’re going to speed up development of other features and enhancements.
2. We’re about two months from an internal beta of Search. The goal here is to release a “Google-like

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