Attach, Detach Networks From A Live Cloud Server

You can now attach and detach networks from a live Cloud Server. You no longer need to create a snapshot of the server, and then build a new server from that image to attach or detach a network to/from a server.

This powerful new feature makes it easier to deploy applications with greater flexibility. You can add or remove interfaces from your servers at any time without having to tinker with the server or worrying about getting the networking right the first time.

At this time, you can use either the python-novaclient or the Rackspace API for attaching/detaching a network to/from an operational Cloud Server. We are working to support this operation using the Rackspace Control Panel at this time and hope to offer this capability shortly.

In order to use this feature using the python-novaclient, you first have to install the Cloud Networks virtual interface extension as specified in the below URL:

The API operations to attach and detach interfaces are listed here: 

We would like to hear more about other networking features you’d like to see. We look forward to helping you deploy the next generation of applications on the Rackspace open cloud!



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