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John Baranowski
Co-Founder & CIO, LoveBook LLC
John is one of the Co-Founder and CIO of LoveBook LLC. LoveBook Online creates personalized gift books that let its customers list all the reasons they love someone. Customers choose the reasons from ready-made pages or edit their own from scratch. LoveBook prints, binds, and ships the custom-designed books all around in the world., a SaaS application, was created from the ground up using a cloud oriented business model. Last year, John also co-founded another website called Since the team had already become very familiar with a cloud oriented business model and what it offered them, they felt it was the perfect time to get behind a new way to produce personalized love coupons. Using customizable characters (avatars) that are designed by the client and then pushed throughout the site as the design their books. John worked for 25 years for the HMS Group, consisting of three unique Engineering/Product Development Companies located in Troy MI. He held positions during that time period ranging from CAD management, IT Manager, to CIO for all three companies. John spent 20 years study computer technology primarily in engineering environments specializing in Design and Animation workflows. He was also in charge of the design and implementation of Virtualization technologies where it was best suited within those organizations.  
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