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Josh Koenig
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Pantheon is an all-in-one Drupal platform and a Rackspace partner. As Pantheon’s Co-Founder and Developer Evangelist, Josh Keonig believes the clues to Drupal’s destiny are in its DNA. The same community practice, modular architecture, and vibrant developer ecosystem that made Drupal a powerful choice for enterprise websites can also help it become a dominant web platform. He co-founded Pantheon to help Drupal developers realize this vision and take the web forward — first by taking back their time. As a very early Drupal adopter (user #3313), Josh was part of the team that drove the first high-profile public Drupal use-case with the Howard Dean campaign in 2003. He went on to found the Drupal Dojo, an online learning community for developers, and to co-found the premiere Drupal agency in San Francisco, Chapter Three. Today, Josh lives for the spark in a developer’s eye when they realize “there’s a best practice for that,” and it’s already built into the platform.  
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