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Matthew Swanson
Chief Software Architect
Matthew Swanson joined Commissions, Inc. in December 2010 as Chief Software Architect. Before joining Commissions, Inc. he was the CTO at HBN Interactive. Prior to HBN, Matthew was the Director of Marketing Technologies at, where he served for over eight years. Matthew worked to develop emerging partnerships with companies such as Disney and Facebook in addition to SEO initiatives. He also served as a Sr. Software Engineer with CareerBuilder and architected solutions to notify over 20M job seekers per month of new jobs available on Previously, Matthew was a consultant with Accenture and lead development efforts with clients such as Bank of America, AT&T, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Administrator of National Banks in the United States. When Matt's not working on Commissions, Inc., he's all about family. In fact, it goes in this order: God, family, then Commissions, Inc. (which is a close third). When he's not bending software frameworks to accomplish the needs of the business, Matt loves to run and play tennis, golf and play ping pong. Matt really wants to be a meteorologist for instead of working for Commissions, Inc. He has met Ron Burgundy er....Will Ferrell - who asked Matt for advice about his Toyota Prius.  
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