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Reuben Katz
Founder & CEO, Geeklist
Reuben is the original entrepreneur, hustler and visionary. He focuses his time on building Geeklist, the product, the brand, driving revenues, herding cats and rallying everyone around us to believe in the Geeklist mission. Throughout his 18 years as an entrepreneur in the CEO role, he's built countless brands and businesses and is an active board member, advisor and investor in technology and education companies. Notably, during the first bubble in '99-'02 he founded, built and sold, the Amazon of Books in Spanish. When not working Reuben doodles, skis and helps his wife rescue dogs. He dedicates his spare time to his daughter and their in-home zoo of two dogs, a tortoise, a fish and a slightly over-weight long-haired orange guinea-pig named Joe.  
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