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Rob Hirschfeld, Michael Still and Joshua McKenty
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Rob Hirschfeld sits on the OpenStack Board and is co-chair of the Core Definition Committed (DefCore). He has been involved in cloud for over 14 years and launched some of the earliest cloud companies. His educational background (Duke and LSU) is in computer science and systems engineering with a focus on distributed systems. He has always found deployment to be vitally important in developments - that lead him to found a SaaS start-up in 1999 and had made him a DevOps advocate. In addition to core cloud technologies, he is an Agile/Lean/TDD process evangelist who strongly believes that how you build and deliver is just as important as what you deliver. Professionally, he is a Sr Distinguished Engineer at Dell leading its OpenStack Cloud project. Michael Still is a Nova and Oslo core reviewer at Rackspace, where he works on the Open Source OpenStack project as part of the Private Cloud team. He spends most of his time hacking on the libvirt virtualization layer in nova. Before joining Rackspace in 2012, Michael spent six years as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google and one year as an Operations Engineer at Canonical. In both roles, he was responsible for maintaining and improving web systems with millions of users. Joshua McKenty is CEO and co-founder of Piston Cloud Computing. The first public release of OpenStack source code was on his blog, in May of 2010. But he spent the two years prior to that working on it, as the Chief Architect and Technical Lead of a project called NASA Nebula. He is currently on both the OpenStack Foundation board, and the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board. He co-chairs the OpenStack interoperability committee, and chairs the Transparency Working Group. He also serves on the finance committee, the compensation committee, and the program committees of every OpenStack summit to date. He was the official Gold Member" representative to the drafting committee, responsible for development of the OpenStack foundation bylaws. And in the early days, he was one of the four original members of the OpenStack Project Oversight Committee. Essentially, he's spent a majority of his time mucking about in OpenStack governance since the days we called this thing "Pinet." When he's not drinking coffee and eating donuts, he does a lot of public speaking and evangelism of OpenStack, particularly around its use in Enterprise private cloud settings. (He believes he's given over 28 speeches in the past year). His "day job" is as CTO for Piston Cloud Computing, the makers of the first commercial OpenStack software product.  
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