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Stephen Nolan serves as General Manager of Rackspace's ObjectRocket, a full-service database administration and management offering that enables customers to scale fast while focusing on their technology rather than the backend data. With more than 20 years in the technology industry, including 12 years at Rackspace, Nolan drives growth and innovation for the organization by providing unparalleled expertise across the industry's most powerful open source datastores, delivering customers a truly Fanatical Experience®. During his tenure at ObjectRocket, the organization has experienced significant growth while expanding its managed service offerings from MongoDB to include Elasticsearch, Redis, CockroachDB and PostgreSQL, as well as adding a number of cloud hosting options to its platform. Prior to his leadership role at ObjectRocket, Nolan served as Director of Product and Operations at Rackspace in San Francisco where he was focused on the Rackspace Cloud Products.

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