Auto-Scaling In The Cloud: Google+ Hangout With RightScale Recap

Each Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. CST, our Cloud Launch Team offers office hours on our Google+ page to give people a chance to ask questions and learn more about the cloud. Last week, we focused on one of the hottest topics in the cloud: auto-scaling your configuration. To help with the conversation, we asked RightScale, a Cloud Tools partner that assists customers with organizing, configuring, automating and auto-scaling their configurations, to join us. Watch the entire video of the Hangout on YouTube or check out the highlights below that will link you to the spot in the video where the topic was discussed.

  • Vijay Tolani, Cloud Solutions Engineer at RightScale, give a presentation about auto-scaling in the cloud as well as how RightScale works. If you are interested in learning more, you can jump directly to the presentation in the Hangout by clicking here.
  • I found Vijay’s notion of a “success disaster” to be particularly interesting. A “success disaster” is an event for your app or site that has traffic that exceeds your wildest dreams. However, your infrastructure is not able to handle it and the site goes down. One of the things that the Cloud Launch Team does for our customers is to encourage them to have a plan in place (often including a scaling solution such as RightScale) to help the configuration grow with traffic.
  • One of the beautiful things about the cloud is the ability to be in multiple locales; RightScale works with customers to setup infrastructure across various environments with a global load balancer. This geographical redundancy is particularly helpful to set up a disaster recovery plan or even scaling up your configuration to handle the load.
  • We also got to discuss the difference between scaling for a known high traffic event (think of a Super Bowl commercial) using a tool like RightScale instead of doing it by hand. Vijay pointed out that while many people think about scaling up in the cloud, they fail to consider the time and effort to scale down after the event is over. He notes that it is important to terminate servers right when the event is over to help save costs and advises us to think of the entire life cycle of scaling.

Have a question about the cloud? Be sure to catch me and other Cloud Launch Rackers in the next Google+ Hangout this Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. CST!

Alan is a former Racker, who also helped create the Stevie Award winning onboarding program for cloud collaboration suite Central Desktop, working directly with companies and organizations like, Sesame Workshop, and IEEE. When he's not helping customers learn how to build awesome things in the cloud, he can be found performing improv comedy with ComedySportz San Antonio, or volunteering with the Alamo Beard Club.


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