Automate Your Deployments: Quickly, Easily Launch Your App In The Rackspace Cloud

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rackspace Deployment Services is now live and in the control panel under Servers & Deployments.

Launching your application on the Rackspace Cloud is now even easier with Rackspace Deployment Services, a new automated deployment service that is now available to testers in Early Access. If you are interested in participating in this Early Access please complete the quick survey below.

Do you want to run WordPress, Drupal, PHP, Rails, etc …. in the Rackspace Cloud without the manual setup and installation? Would you like your deployments to be automated, using Rackspace’s best practice setup, and execute faster than possible with a manual installation?  That will soon be a reality.

Let us help you simplify the setup of your cloud and app deployments with an awesome new feature called Rackspace Deployment Services, which automates common application and resource deployments.

In a few simple clicks, you will be able to select the application, platform or component that you would like to install, select the size of the cloud installation and deploy it automatically.


Automating application deployments means:

  • No more time-intensive manual server builds.
  • No more reading about how to perform installations of your favorite app.
  • No more research into what caching, sync or other software is needed.

Rackspace Deployment Services captures Rackspace’s many years of experience building cloud environments, and packages it into a set of best-practice application blueprints for you to use. Right now, the blueprints include WordPress, Drupal and PHP; and we’re working on Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB and Cassandra.

You select the application. We do the setup. Your cloud-based solution is live. It’s that simple.

To learn more about Rackspace Deployment Services, check it out in the control panel under Servers & Deployments.


  1. This is good step in the right direction. The reason I say step (here comes the constructive criticism) … In your post you refer to only supporting common applications as WordPress!

    I you will look at aways at exposing the underlying API/Technology so we one could upload a deployment recipe (akin towards capistrano) and then bang! not just common apps but all apps!

    Good work nonetheless #keepThaWebMoving

    • Rackspace is supporting the OpenStack Heat project and will be releasing the Heat API in early access phase very soon. This will enable you to write your own templates. Stay tuned to future blog posts. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. This is a brilliant feature of the RackSpace Cloud Service. I am really happy about it… we take a lot of time to manually build server files, configuration all the time.. it can be quite tiresome and trouble some.. takes time too.. research with different sites etc..

    This service is under stated greatly. I am absolutely static it is being offered.

  3. Loved it. Because I just spent all my day at AWS trying to install a simple PHP server with fastcgi, FTP server and I couldnt do anything! I was used to do it in a Windows Server 2003 with IIS.

    I have a question, this PHP deployment have a FTP server attached also? Does it use fast cgi?

    Thank you.

  4. It would be nice to have an nginx web cluster with shared memcache and db.
    Would also be nice to be able to rebase a branch over my master for the local configuration.

  5. Like Jonas, I would also like to know how you handle user uploaded content over multiple servers in the wordpress install. If they upload it to server 1 because the load balancer sent them to server 1 how do the users on servers 2 and 3 see this uploaded content?

  6. This is great for basics but you quickly move beyond that with any serious customers. If you try to provide templates for common use cases you will quickly discover combinatorial explosion. I want mysql but not Drupal. I want php but not mysql. I want postgres with drupal. Etc… You guys should look into partnering with (I am a former employee) – they can help you bring dynamic server templates to your customers.


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