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Automatically delete mail in certain folders


You can now automatically delete mail from your Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam & Trash folders. This has been a highly requested feature.
The cleanup process runs nightly and can be configured for your entire domain or for specific mailboxes. You can configure this to occur either based on how long the email has been stored, or based on the number of emails in the folder. I’ve been using it for my Trash folder for the past month while it was in beta, and it works great.
You can find it in your control panel under Email Accounts > Settings > Folder Cleanup Settings.

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  • Bill Boebel

    Both of those features are planned.  We will be adding the ability for this to run on any folder, and we will also be adding these controls to webmail for end-users to use.  For now though we wanted to get the basic functionality out there and we will build on top of it in future versions.

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