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Automating Email With Mailgun [Screencast]

As an app developer, one of the things that I hate having to set up is a reliable way to email users. Setting up your own email server can be a giant pain and the odds are decent your email will end up in a spam folder anyway. Fortunately, Mailgun abstracts all the complexity behind sending a message behind an easy to use API.

In the screencast below, I give a quick walkthrough on how to setup Mailgun. The bonus of being a Rackspace customer is that you are able to process 50,000 free messages each month. For more documentation on how to use Mailgun, you can visit

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Bret McGowen.

Bret McGowen is a software developer at Rackspace, designing and building RackConnect, which lets customers have the best of both traditional and cloud hosting. Bret has spent most of his professional life writing software using Microsoft’s .NET framework but is beginning to see the light and has started to dabble in open source technologies. When he’s not on the jogging trail or volleyball court he enjoys working on and reading about tech startups.

Follow Bret on Twitter at @bretmcg.

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