Autoscale Survey – Tell Us What You Want

One of the ways we improve our services is by asking for your feedback. We want to offer you the tools you need to do great things in the cloud.

We are continually expanding the features we offer to better deliver the Fanatical Support you expect from Rackspace. We will soon add an autoscaling service that allows you to automatically add or remove resources in response to server load.

Rackspace Autoscale and Rackspace Cloud Monitoring will allow you to close the loop between the servers you have and the resources you need. Additional load on your servers will trigger alerts to add additional servers to your infrastructure. When the load goes away, Rackspace Autoscale will spin down unnecessary servers – you only pay for the services that you need, when you need them.

Our long term vision is to collaborate with OpenStack Heat to enable a full suite of autoscaling features for any OpenStack deployment. Our developers and our customers are inspired by the OpenStack movement, and we want to do everything we can to support this. Autoscaling isn’t a unique idea, but when open-sourced and widely implemented it can turn the cloud from a collection of APIs to a magical use-it-as-you-need-it platform for everyone.

We invite you to complete a survey regarding your needs, wants and abilities to integrate with a new product that may have some rough edges. If you have an automated infrastructure, and need it to scale according to demand, we want to hear from you — cast your vote now by filling out the survey!


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