What Does AWS Direct Connect Have to do With ObjectRocket?

ObjectRocket uses AWS Direct Connect to provide high bandwidth and low latency between AWS and ObjectRocket databases.

AWS Direct Connect

From day one at ObjectRocket, our mission has been to provide databases close to your application, no matter where it lives.

Moving data is never fun, so we’re always looking for ways to keep the service snappy, regardless of which cloud our users use for their app tier, whether it’s Rackspace, Amazon Web Services or any other cloud.

However, another part of our mission is to provide high performance with our dedicated hardware architecture. That’s where we hit a particular challenge: how do we keep our databases close to customers with applications in AWS, while being able to manage and maintain our own gear?

The answer is AWS Direct Connect.

AWS Direct Connect allows private connectivity between an AWS data center and another data center, colocation site, etc. allowing you to connect on-premise resources to Amazon, with a low latency and high bandwidth dedicated link.

For ObjectRocket, this allows us to provide those same dedicated connections to our customers, so applications in AWS can connect to our environment without the latency and bandwidth penalty of using the same public internet interfaces as everyone else.

The table below shows the data centers where ObjectRocket has AWS Direct Connect links. You can also check out our FAQ for more details about our full list of data centers.

AWS Direct Connect

So how can you use it?

We offer two types of Direct Connect to our customers: shared links and private links

Shared Direct Connect

The first and easiest way to connect to ObjectRocket databases via AWS Direct Connect is through our shared links. We have multiple 10Gb AWS Direct Connect links shared between our customers and used for all traffic traversing from our datacenter to the connected AWS datacenter.

This process is automatic, doesn’t cost anything on the ObjectRocket side and doesn’t require you to change anything. If you’ve got an ObjectRocket instance today, you can take advantage of it immediately by simply connecting to your ObjectRocket database from AWS.

Internal testing of Direct Connect from an EC2 server to ObjectRocket has shown sub-millisecond differences in latency when compared to connecting from within the same data center, but your mileage may vary and will depend on your workload. Though we don’t charge for this feature, keep in mind that standard AWS network ingress/egress rates apply.

Private Direct Connect

If you need more guaranteed bandwidth, we are also able to connect your ObjectRocket databases to private AWS Direct Connect links. Unlike our shared links, these are dedicated links and are only used by your ObjectRocket databases and can be connected directly into your AWS VPC. The private option also comes with additional perks, because it is dedicated to your environment, like guaranteed bandwidth and discounted ingress/egress rates from AWS.

Every private AWS Direct Connect setup is a custom configuration depending on your AWS and ObjectRocket environments, so if you’re interested in more information on options, purchasing and how we can set them up, please get in touch with ObjectRocket sales or support.

That’s cool. What’s next?

As I mentioned above, AWS Direct Connect is just one way that we can get our databases closer to your application. Our shared links are a little perk to make connecting to ObjectRocket from AWS faster and more reliable, while the private option is an additional way to add guarantees when you’re running databases at scale.

Beyond providing better connectivity between clouds with AWS Direct Connect, you may have also seen that we’ve recently started offering ObjectRocket Redis hosted directly out of AWS. If that sounds interesting — or if you just want to chat about some Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, or anything else in the database world, hit us up!


Steve Croce joined Rackspace in 2015 and currently works in the Datastores group as product manager for Rackspace Cloud Databases and ObjectRocket Elasticsearch. He has 15 years experience in the tech industry with roles in hardware and software ranging from development to product management and marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from MIT and now lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.


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