Azure Site Recovery is the Place to Start for Business Continuity

For Microsoft Azure users, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, or BCDR, just got a whole lot easier — and more effective.

Microsoft released Azure Site Recovery for Azure virtual machines to general availability this week. This new capability is a native Microsoft Azure service that delivers a cost-effective, scalable and reliable replication platform that can help build a BCDR solution that works for your workloads, applications and business requirements.   

Azure Site Recovery, or ASR, has been available for more than four years, and focuses on hosted and on-premises workloads and applications with replication and failover into an Azure environment, greatly reducing the cost and complexity needed. ASR for Azure virtual machine uses the same service but focuses on workloads and applications where both the source and target environments run in Azure.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs: ASR is a highly affordable VM replication service because you are not charged for the VMs on the target (failover) site which account for a large majority of the cost of an environment. ​
  • Simplify and automate failover: ASR can be configured with workflows that automatically run during a failover event. ASR coordinates steps like the provisioning of VMs in the target (failover) site and attaches the storage disks which contain replicated copies of the customer’s data.

Rackspace has been actively working with Microsoft on ASR since 2016, focused on private and hybrid cloud platforms. Now, Rackspace supports for ASR for virtual machines, expanding our spheres of management for Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure to include ASR replication management at no additional cost to our customers.

We will assist in the following areas:

  • Deployment: We help design and deploy ASR for Azure virtual machines services with a basic Site Recovery plan to help ensure your applications and data are properly protected between Azure regions.
  • Best practice configuration: We will configure ASR for virtual machines replication for IaaS VMs from one Azure public region to another to provide the best outcome for your business
  • Monitoring and remediation: We provide 24×7 monitoring of replication health monitoring services and troubleshoot replication health issues associated with ASR for Azure virtual machines, with industry leading response-time SLAs as low as 15-minutes
  • Failover testing: We perform one non-impacting failover test every 6 months to ensure that the target VMs are successfully spun up and have network connectivity.
  • BCDR planning: Rackspace has additional professional services that can help define and implement end-to-end BCDR solutions in combination with Azure Site Recovery.

Cloud environments are complicated. Do not leave applications and data unprotected.  Let Rackspace and Microsoft help you, with the ASR for Azure virtual machines service, to ensure your cloud journey is successful even when the unthinkable happens.

Learn more about the ASR for Azure virtual machines service.

Tim serves as a product marketing manager for Rackspace; previously, he served as a product manager at Datapipe. Tim has unique insight into the latest product developments for private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms and a keen understanding of industry trends and their impact on business development. Tim writes about a variety of topics including security and compliance, business strategy and Microsoft Azure.


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