BambooHR Leverages Rackspace Open Cloud For Flexibility, Versatility

This is a guest post written and contributed by Jeremy Bowers, Systems Genius with BambooHR. BambooHR is an online HR management system and a Rackspace customer that uses Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

When we chose the name BambooHR, we did so because the bamboo plant has a host of characteristics that match our business and philosophy. It’s flexible, beautiful and strong; but at the same time it’s highly efficient and extremely versatile. With its new open cloud platform, Rackspace has become the bamboo of the cloud.

As a long-time Rackspace customer, BambooHR has watched Rackspace’s cloud portfolio evolve. We started as a SliceHost customer, moved to Cloud Servers when they became available, and now we’ve made the move to the open cloud with Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

Because the updated version of Cloud Servers is built on open source, I can download the code and run my own stack of virtual servers without the fear of being locked into a single vendor. Openness is of huge importance to our business, because we are part of a community. When everyone works together, we all get something to be proud of, and Rackspace and OpenStack are perfect examples of that.

And the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel makes it easy to spin up and manage servers. The Control Panel has proven itself fast and intuitive. At BambooHR, one of our goals is to create HR software that is simple and powerful, and to build software that makes people smile. Rackspace’s new control panel fulfills that goal. It made me smile.

As an HR software provider, we need scalability. I’m often asked by my team members about how our application will perform if we added 100 new clients. What about 500 new clients? How about 1,000? I can answer that question by simply saying: it will perform just as it’s intended. Rackspace Cloud Servers is based on OpenStack, so I can spin up as many new servers as I need to handle whatever loads come our way.

So how has Rackspace become the bamboo of the cloud?

According to “The Book of Bamboo,” bamboo grows more rapidly than any other plant on the planet, sometimes growing as fast as 47.6 inches in roughly a day. With Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, BambooHR can spin up thousands of servers in just minutes if necessary. That’s rapid scalability and growth.

Bamboo has incredible vitality, versatility, strength and beauty. The new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel boasts all of those attributes.

We’re happy that Rackspace and OpenStack are powering BambooHR’s cloud and our cloud strategy, and we’re excited to be on the ground floor of the open cloud revolution.

For a more in-depth look at Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, check out this video demo:


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