Bare Metal Made Better: Next Generation OnMetal Servers Coming Soon

You spoke, we listened — and now we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our next generation of OnMetal Cloud Servers: bare metal made better with the elasticity of the cloud and consistent performance of a dedicated environment.

We’re also expanding OnMetal territory, crossing the pond, from U.S. data centers into the United Kingdom.

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As many businesses have already discovered, OnMetal Cloud Servers solve the problems inherent in today’s multi-tenant virtual machines: inconsistent performance, noisy neighbors and the hypervisor tax. With OnMetal, you get bare-metal speeds and consistent performance in a single-tenant environment.

We launched OnMetal Cloud Servers in June 2014, and it’s been a hit ever since. Startup company Brigade Media, which seeks to leverage social technologies to increase civic activism, turned to OnMetal to power its ominchannel app, providing the performance of a dedicated environment, while maintaining the ability to scale up instantly when demand jumps.

We’re customers, too. Our own Cloud Metrics team moved its production system from virtual cloud machines to OnMetal and found a more reliable, and unexpectedly less expensive, system.

Our development team listened carefully to customer feedback on OnMetal v1, and the next generation of OnMetal, launching in February, delivers on what we’ve heard. offers the same lightning fast, secure performance plus new features based on that feedback, including:

  • Instant-on: deploy in as fast as three minutes. No more waiting hours for a dedicated server.
  • Performance: run on our fastest performing, OpenStack-powered servers.
  • Dedicated benefits: single-tenant environment for more access, security and control.
  • Secure and private networking: new in v2, integration with Cloud Networks and RackConnect v3.0 for superior hybrid cloud connectivity.
  • Global reach: new in v2, OnMetal Cloud Servers will be available in multiple U.S. and U.K. data centers.

These features give businesses greater ability to grow topline revenue and to quickly respond to dynamic market demands. In particular, OnMetal v2 Cloud Servers will make a significant difference in driving results for any customer with workloads that are data-intensive, power-hungry, highly dependent on consistent performance, have a need for raw processing power or dynamic scaling demands.

Sign up now and stay informed until we count down to our February launch.

Jason Barnhill is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud. He has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, operations and strategy roles, and his functional expertise includes product P&L management, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, direct marketing, and organizational leadership. Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He resides in Austin, TX with his wife, three children and loyal Golden Retriever.


  1. “Dedicated benefits: single-tenant environment for more access, security and control.” — that’s interesting because I thought v1 was already a single-tenant environment. Was that not the case?

    Also, any plans in the works for a similar AWS EC2 Dedicated Host feature?

    • Hey, Rob – thanks for reading!

      You are absolutely right – both v1 and v2 OnMetal Cloud Servers offer a single-tenant dedicated environment. We took all the great features and benefits found in v1 and added global availability and secure private networking capabilities.

      We are always listening to customers and monitoring the market to help us inform new products and features. As soon as we are ready to bring an offering to market, you’ll know about it!


    • Hey, Todd – happy holidays and thanks for reading!

      OnMetal v2 will be compatible with RackConnect 3.0 only. OnMetal v1, which is currently available, is compatible with RackConnect 2.0.

      So, no backward-compatibility for OnMetal v2 and RackConnect.

      If you have a specific use case for OnMetal v2 + RackConnect 2.0, I’d love to hear about it!



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