Be Aware: Phone-Based Fraud on the Rise

Never give your Rackspace account or credit card details out over the phone.

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Fraud alert: Rackspace will never call you to request your username, password or credit card number.

We offer this timely reminder because we’re seeing an uptick in fake accounts on multiple social media platforms with the intention of scamming our customers.

This particular scam involves the criminal posting fake support numbers on social media, forums and websites, then posing as a Rackspace representative and calling our account holders from these phone numbers. They might tell you your account is about to be canceled, locked out, or in need maintenance.

While this is just the latest scam, it’s important to remember that today’s cybercriminals can use many methods in attempts to gain access to your account. Some send fraudulent emails while others setup fake websites, all to gain access to your money, personal information and accounts.

In any of these situations you’ll be asked, or directed to a fake website, to give the following:

  • your credit card number
  • your user name
  • your password
  • account number/name
  • API key

What you should know

Do not trust unsolicited calls, even if they’re from a trusted provider like Rackspace. Do not provide any personal information.

When calling or receiving a call from a support number from Rackspace, we will always identify as Rackspace and never by a generic name. Some common fake names criminals have used:

  • Customer Service
  • Rackspace Service Desk
  • Rackspace Email Technical Support Department
  • Technical Support

If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a cybercriminal do the following:

  • Immediately report to Rackspace that your account may have been accessed by a malicious party
  • Contact the federal authorities
  • Change all passwords to your accounts with Rackspace and any accounts linked to them
  • If you gave out credit card information, contact your credit card company

Where to report possible scams

If you believe someone has attempted to gain access to your account or information by impersonating Rackspace, you can report it to:

Rackspace Support numbers

If you receive a call from someone claiming to represent Rackspace, ask for their name and call one of the official Rackspace support numbers and ask to speak to the Rackspace employee who gave you their name.

Do not call any number that claims to be Rackspace that isn’t included on our official “Contact Us” page.

Matt was a member of Rackspace’s Acceptable Use Policy Team and Postmaster for Rackspace’s Email product. His primary work was assisting customers and external parties in resolution of abuse incidents on the Rackspace and other networks. He also worked with the Rackspace’s legal department regarding law enforcement requests, advised Rackspace product teams on current anti-abuse best practices, and educated employees and customers to increase awareness of threats in the hosting space and how to recognize and avoid them. In addition to his work Rackspace, Matt chaired of the Hosting Committee and was a member of the Board of Directors at M3AAWG (Messaging, Mobile, and Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group) where he co-authored the Anti-Abuse Best Common Practices document for Hosting and Cloud service providers. His role as chair is to facilitate collaboration between hosting companies and the anti-abuse industry experts to develop best practices documents, technical recommendations, and training to prevent internet abuse. His role at M3AAWG also includes serving as the liaison between M3AAWG and the I2C to maintain and grow the relationship between the two groups.


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