Beanstalk’s Hosted Version Control Service Now Integrates With Rackspace Cloud Files

Deploying your application or web site can be a difficult process. In most cases, it involves multiple complicated steps, a long documentation process and constant emails to tell your team what was deployed. It’s also a very manual process, prone to mistakes or errors. That’s why having an automated process to deploy your application is critical.

Beanstalk, our hosted version control service, takes care of this for you by using our deployment tools. You can create your development, staging and production environments and deploy files instantly via FTP, SFTP and SSH. It provides one simple process for your entire team, notifies everyone about the latest updates and reduces the chance of error.

Today, we’re really happy to announce that Beanstalk has added Cloud Files to its growing list of deploy services.

Beanstalk’s integration with Cloud Files allows you to instantly deploy from your Git and Subversion repository to Cloud Files either automatically on every commit or push, or manually. Each time you deploy, Beanstalk will only upload the latest changes and will notify your team about the new update.

Deploy Static Websites And Application Assets

While most people think of Cloud Files as a way to store media files or backups, it is also a perfect fit for hosting static websites and serving important application assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript files. Even better, when your assets or files are stored on Cloud Files they can be served across the 213 Akamai edge locations for improved performance and lower latency for your visitors. It’s well known that serving your website assets on a CDN improves user response time by 20 percent or more. Now you can do it in one click!

Automate Your Development Process

By using Beanstalk for all of your deployments you’ll get the whole team on the same, consistent process. You’ll get a centralized history of all deployments; logs of exactly what was deployed and when; and even the option to separate development, staging and production environments to different deployment servers.

Mix And Match Rackspace Platforms

Beanstalk can already deploy using SSH or SFTP, which means it already supports Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites and Dedicated Servers. When combined with SFTP or SSH deployments, you can instantly deploy your application code to your Dedicated or Cloud Servers and your assets to Cloud Files and Akamai CDN, giving you a one-click deployment process for your entire Rackspace environment. You already realize the flexibility of Hybrid Hosting, now you can deploy to it with the same ease and flexibility.

To get started, login to your Beanstalk account or sign up. There is also a support article explaining how to integrate with Cloud Files in Beanstalk’s support site.

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