Beta Launch: Webmail 6.3 Featuring Text Message Reminders

We just released Webmail 6.3 into beta. Webmail 6.3 has several speed and performance enhancements (we focus on speed and performance in every release now) and many new features. Features include:
1. Calendar Reminders
– Improved reminder alert that now includes dismiss and snooze
– Missed reminder alerts will appear the next time you login to webmail
– Reminder alerts can now be sent via text message (SMS)
– Reminder alerts can now be sent to an alternate email address
2. Draft Improvements
– Forwarding a draft no longer deletes the draft
3. Spell Check
– Now includes a personal dictionary that you can add words to
– Now shows the number of misspelled words
– Now checks spelling for all of the languages we support
4. Contacts
– Added option for how to display name (”first last” or “last, first”)
– Double clicking a row now opens the edit contact form
5. Message List
– You can now use arrow keys to move up and down the message list
My two favorite new features are text message reminders and the ability to add words to my spell check dictionary. I think I’ll blog in more detail soon about text message reminders.
We plan to release Webmail 6.3 to all customers next week.

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