Beta Launch: Webmail 6.2 Featuring New Contacts Section

Filed in by Rackspace Blogger | February 1, 2007 6:33 pm

We just released Webmail 6.2 into beta. Webmail 6.2 has an all-new Contacts section, much faster login times, and a lot of other performance enhancements.
I’m especially excited about Contacts. This is the one area of webmail that hasn’t received any love in a long time. But now that we’ve caught it up to the rest of the application, expect to see many new features added in the coming months, especially with regards to sharing and collaboration.
If you want to check out Webmail 6.2, you can log into our beta site[1] and play around. If you find any bugs please let us know by using the feedback link in the upper right corner of webmail.
We plan to release Webmail 6.2 to all customers in a few weeks.
PS… yes, we did just launch 6.0 less than one month ago[2]. I told you, we’re moving fast.

  1. beta site:
  2. we did just launch 6.0 less than one month ago:

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