Better Hybrid Connectivity, Improved Storage and Global Reach: OnMetal v2 Now Available

The next generation of OnMetal Cloud Servers – bare metal made better with the elasticity of the cloud and the consistent performance of a dedicated environment — is now generally available.

As we previewed in December, OnMetal v2 Cloud Servers improve upon the original by incorporating feedback directly from our customers.

As many businesses have already discovered, OnMetal Cloud Servers solve the problems inherent in today’s shared tenant virtual machines: compromised speed and performance due to the hypervisor and other virtualization overhead and complexity. With OnMetal, you get bare-metal speeds, consistent performance and the scalability of the cloud in a single-tenant environment.

We launched OnMetal Cloud Servers in June 2014, and companies looking for high performance and reliability found the solution they were looking for.

The Control Group, a San Diego-based tech company, leverages the instant scalability and consistent performance of OnMetal to power their portfolio of web applications, including their flagship product, Instant Checkmate, which allows users to perform background checks on just about anybody.

“Before OnMetal, our average page load time across sites was around 1 second — pretty slow. Now, all of our sites load in sub-500 milliseconds. … With OnMetal, we got scalability and guaranteed performance,”

We’re pleased the wait is over. OnMetal v2 Cloud Servers not only offers integration with Cloud Networks and RackConnect 3.0 for superior hybrid cloud connectivity, but also:

  • Improved storage capabilities: faster, higher capacity and more reliable boot devices with up to 800GB local boot drive storage capacity in a RAID 1 mirrored configuration with two hot-swappable disks to improve uptime and reduce the risk of lost data.
  • Hardware and software upgrades: the fastest, most efficient OnMetal servers ever, built on second generation Open Compute servers and featuring the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, as well as an improved selection of guest images, including Windows support.
  • Global reach: new in v2, OnMetal Cloud Servers will be available in multiple U.S. and UK data centers.

And that’s all on top of the same lightning fast performance customers expect from OnMetal.

Learn more about how OnMetal v2 Cloud Servers can help your business maximize the performance of its cloud environment. Or, see for yourself — log into your Cloud Account and spin up an OnMetal Cloud Server today.

Jason Barnhill is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud. He has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, operations and strategy roles, and his functional expertise includes product P&L management, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, direct marketing, and organizational leadership. Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He resides in Austin, TX with his wife, three children and loyal Golden Retriever.



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