Big Folders in Webmail Now Load Faster

One of the problems with webmail, and most software and web applications is the fact that they slow down when storing a ton of data. With webmail in particular, this has been a major problem for users who have a lot of data stored in a single folder. Well, for those users, we’ve implemented a fix so that the folders load much faster. Bill is happy about this fix, as he notes on his blog (yes, Bill is quite the power user—BUT, we’re aiming to cater to the Bill’s of the world with webmail—it’s not going to be easy, but nothing great ever is).
In all reality, this is a temporary solution. In fact, one of the biggest projects we’ve ever taken on at is underway as we speak. You’ll hear us talk a lot about this project, code-named Mercury, over the coming year. Mercury will present the ultimate fix for all data storage issues we face today and will help us turn data storage into a competitive advantage because we’ll be able to offer lots of it in an efficient manner. I’ll write more about Mercury soon. For now, I hope you’ll see much faster folder loads for folders that store tons of email messages.

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