The Big Game Contest Results Are In!

The Big Game Contest results are in. We asked customers to send us a video of why they have the coolest business on the Rackspace Cloud. We received 24 very creative and quirky videos from some of our very talented customers.

Thanks to all that participated! It was a long week and a half as we waited patiently to see who would be the winner of 2 tickets to the Big Game in Miami, Florida. With over 1000 voter entries, it came down to one winner: SwebApps with 362 votes!

Congrats to the SwebApps team!

Great competition from Tweetlytics with 277 votes and GroundMap with 269 votes. They came in 2nd and 3rd respectively and will be sent a swag bag of goodies.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted their videos and to everyone that submitted their vote. Follow us on Twitter: @rackcloud.




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Angela runs integrated marketing campaigns for Rackspace. She started at Rackspace in 2003 and has done everything from Linux support, account management, sales, product marketing and now lives in marketing. She left Rackspace in 2005 to work for PEER 1 Hosting but returned in 2009 because she was interested in the cloud computing movement (and has always been a Racker at heart). Angela is a strong believer in the power of storytelling.
  • Rackspace,

    Thank you for running this fun contest. Way to go SwebApps!


  • Thank You Rackspace – The truth is that YOU guys are the coolest biz on the cloud!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! And we will send pictures!


  • Andrew

    Rackspace totally mismanaged this contest, the whole thing needs to be voided. Swebapps should not have been allowed to enter due to the fact they participated in promotional public relations with Rackspace about 4 months ago. SwebApps has a video being interviewed by Rackspace on Rackspace’s YouTube Channel, this is an outrage. If you can’t run a legitimate contest, then don’t run one at all. I will be contacting my lawyer about this issue.

  • Andrew

    Rackspace should award all entrants at least 2-3 months of service for this totally mismanaged contest. Swebapps should have not been allowed to compete, it says so in the rules that any company previously associated in public relations or promotional activity cannot enter. Rackspace screwed up bigtime here, the CEO will be contacted about this issue.

  • Kregg

    @Andrew Relax…. it was a fun contest and all 3 did a great job and the results show how close it was. Next year you will be complaining that there are no contest to participate in.

  • Andrew

    There is nothing fun about spending money to participate in a rigged contest. The least Rackspace could have done is make it impossible for us to discover that the contest was rigged.