Big News in Cloud Hosting: Slicehost and Jungle Disk join the Rackspace family

Filed in by David Mitzenmacher | October 22, 2008 12:40 pm

As I mentioned in a previous post[1], today we unveiled some big news about our cloud[2] hosting offering. You can watch the rebroadcast at[3], but the big news is that we have acquired two companies that are doing great things in the cloud: Slicehost[4] and Jungle Disk[5].

Slicehost is a leader in Xen-based virtual machine hosting with more than 15,000 “slices” online today. Jungle Disk offers reliable cloud storage solutions that allow users to easily share an unlimited amount of cloud storage between multiple users through a secure, mountable network drive and automatic backup.

With these two companies joining the Rackspace family, Rackspace now offers a comprehensive portfolio of Cloud offerings to go alongside with our Managed and Platform hosting services.

Rackspace’s cloud strategy is supported by three core offerings, all part of Mosso[6] (Rackspace’s cloud hosting division).  The three core offerings are:

A wide set of cloud tool companies have expressed intent to support the Rackspace cloud. The list of companies includes RightScale[11], CohesiveFT[12], rPath[13], SOASTA[14] and Vertica[15]. In addition, Sonian Networks[16], the leader in cloud mail archiving solutions, and Mailtrust[17], the Email Hosting division of Rackspace announced they had reached an agreement to offer low cost archiving to Mailtrust’s 100,000+ business domains. Through this agreement, Sonian Networks will also port their solution to the Rackspace cloud suite.

You can find out more about our Cloud offerings by visiting[18]

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