Bigger Is Better: Introducing The CloudU Big Data MOOC

Have you heard of MapReduce? How about Data Lake or petabytes? If you’ve heard these big data terms before and weren’t sure exactly what they meant, it’s time to find out. CloudU today is launching its “Bigger is Better” Big Data Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

This MOOC is intended for IT professionals, students, business leaders or anyone who wants a high-level understanding of big data, big data technology and big data related careers. If you want to learn how to talk the talk in the big data world, this MOOC is for you.

The Big Data MOOC is the second MOOC developed this year by CloudU. The first MOOC, “Evolution of a Solution,” focused on the fundamentals of web hosting architectures in dedicated, cloud and hybrid environments. We developed this MOOC with content contributions from EMC, Open Cloud Academy, Rackspace and Andrea Bilobrk, author of Deconstructing Cloud.

The Big Data MOOC is bigger. We collaborated with more than 20 content contributors from academia and the cloud industry and asked, “What is big data?” Were confident you’ll enjoy their unique insights and take away a broader perspective on this topic. Our list of contributors includes Hortonworks, Gazzang, Argonne National Laboratory and The University of Texas in San Antonio.

The featured author of the Big Data MOOC is Dave Feinleib, author of Big Data Demystified and In this learning series, Dave presents an exclusive condensed version of his “Actionable Insights Into Big Data” keynote. You don’t want to miss this presentation.

If you’re ready to start talking the talk in the big data world, login or register at to get started.

What are you waiting for?

Class is in session!

Steven Villarreal is a Senior Learning & Development Strategist for Rackspace. He spends his time collaborating with content contributors inside and outside of Rackspace developing vendor neutral content for the CloudU program. When he’s not in meetings, he can be found researching the latest adult learning trends and technology to integrate into the CloudU social learning platform.


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