Billing 2.1 Codenamed “Okane”

We just updated our active projects page on our website to reference what we’re working on from a billing perspective. This project, once delivered, will have many customer facing features. Here are the details:
Version 2.1 of our billing system, codenamed “Okane” (Japanese for “money”), will make it possible for customers to view invoices and payment history, make payments, set up auto–upgrades, and request cancellations—all through their administrative control panel.
Our billing team will benefit from the new payments–and–credits system, advanced reporting tools, daily scripts for invoice generation, and the ability to auto–charge. This new version also includes improvements to the “export to QuickBooks” feature, and the ability to schedule the automatic mailing of invoices and payment receipts.
Why did we pick a codename that is hard to pronounce? That is what happens when you leave name picking up to the developers. ;-o

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