Office Hours Hangout: Black Friday is Coming

It’s never too early to start thinking about Black Friday. With only three months left before the largest online shopping weekend returns, we spent our latest Office Hours Hangout talking about tips for thriving on Black Friday, including four new and/or improved Rackspace Products that will help our customers’ Black Friday go off without a hitch.

We’ve discussed scaling for high traffic events — that’s practically why we created the Hangout in the first place — but started off this episode with a quick primer on how we recommend most apps scale. Even if it’s not time to scale yet, customers who have built on the “Seed Config” are scale ready.

Workload Optimized Servers

The first new tool we discussed was Workload Optimized Servers. Our general purpose servers are great for most applications, but for specific workloads, our optimized servers provide performance tuned for specific tasks. For example, our compute optimized servers prioritize CPU, and are ideal for an application tier, while memory optimized servers pack lots of RAM, and are great for caching layers. We recommend a healthy dose of experimentation to understand what will work best for each specific application.

High Availability Cloud Databases

Another high-impact new feature is Cloud Database replication. This feature is now available for all, right in the control panel. Replication brings high availability to our Cloud Databases, just what our customers need to be assured during Black Friday. Replicated databases help by delivering redundancy and speedier queries — by routing database reads to more than one data node.

Rackspace CDN

The new tool we think will help the most customers is the new Rackspace CDN. We love this new product, which uses Akamai’s powerful network to cache static content. We discussed the benefit of the CDN as a tool to offload some of the compute requirements from the servers, allowing for less load on each web tier server, and faster page loads when static content is delivered from the closest edge node.

Rackspace  Intelligence

Our newest tool on this list is Rackspace Intelligence. Intelligence gives Rackspace customers a real-time and comprehensive overview of the health of their infrastructure at one glance. In addition to the dashboards, Intelligence also simplifies alerting, allowing our customers to create and suppress alerts. During the Hangout we discussed the importance of monitoring total infrastructure health, and alerts can help speed up resolution in the event of an issue.

We’re here to help

These four tools are just a few of the tools we discussed during the Hangout; the entire Hangout is presented below. Our Technical Account Managers are here to work with any of our customers who are planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We strongly recommend getting in touch to schedule an Architecture Review to discuss current infrastructure, goals for Black Friday, and a plan to meet those goals.

Join us each Thursday at 1 p.m. Central for a new episode of the Office Hours Hangout.

Alan is a former Racker, who also helped create the Stevie Award winning onboarding program for cloud collaboration suite Central Desktop, working directly with companies and organizations like, Sesame Workshop, and IEEE. When he's not helping customers learn how to build awesome things in the cloud, he can be found performing improv comedy with ComedySportz San Antonio, or volunteering with the Alamo Beard Club.


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