Blackberry Issues

For the past 24 hours we have been experiencing problems with Blackberry and the ability for our users to forward email to their Blackberry devices. Blackberry is throttling these emails, which is causing delays in email delivery times to Blackberry devices. We are working on trying to resolve this problem but so far, Blackberry has not been very cooperative. We will continue to work on contacting the right people at Blackberry and we will do everything we can to restore the ability to forward emails to Blackberry devices as soon as we can. We very much apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Keep in mind that this issue is only affecting the ability to forward email from user accounts to Blackberry devices, and you can still setup your mobile device to interact with our system via POP/IMAP connection through your service provider.
Most Blackberry carriers provide access to a website through which you can create an external POP or IMAP account. Simply set the incoming mail server to for POP or for IMAP. The username will be your full email address, in all lower-case letters, and the password will be your regular email account password. There is also a link to Blackberry’s setup guide on our website and, as always, our Customer Care team is available 24×7 should you have any further questions regarding this.

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  1. I agree with the above. It seems to be working better now. My RIM is through Verizon, I called their data tech. help (1-800-922-0204 option #3). Your provider should have influence with RIM, I would suggest the more calls the better.

  2. Ever since we have switched to Rackspace my blackberry emails which used to instantaneously download are now delayed anywhere between 3-15 minutes. It is very frustrating because I live via blackberry and 3-15 minutes is the world to me. I got rid of my Android because it wasn’t downloading emails fast enough and now this is happening on BB as a result of Rackspace. Please help me fix it. Thx


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