When a potential customer is concerned about email blacklisting, and asks if we are on a blacklist, I always answer the same way… we’re not. But any company that ever says they have never been blacklisted is likely misinformed. The most important thing is how the situation is handled and how quickly the problem can be resolved. I’d say we’ve had a mail server put on a blacklist… maybe once every 8 or so months. It’s always a result of someone sending unsolicited mail through our system, which is not permitted (even in tiny batches).
Not too long ago one such instance occurred. In short, one of our clients sent unsolicited mails through our system… advertisements basically, and a few of these were reported by the recipient as spam. Unfortunately, this relatively new client had a very recent history of spamming. Consequently, their actions caused a mail server of ours to be blacklisted.
What really is interesting to me, however, is how quickly such an action takes place. Our anti-bulk mailing system caught the offender and put a stop to the action almost right away, but a scarce few still went out. Seemingly, the very moment we were put on that blacklist our engineers and support staff were aware and all actions were then geared towards resolving the issue and getting off the blacklist.
Fortunately we were able to get off the list VERY quickly. Just as clients began to report bounced emails, we were already able to report that the problem was fixed and that they could now try to resend the bounced email.
A lot of very tight ropes are treaded upon in the war between spammers and companies like, Inc. that try to protect people from spam. When a mistake is made by one of our (former) clients or another anti-spam company, it’s reassuring to see the issue addressed by our engineers right away, and I’m sure it’s even more reassuring for our over 8,000 clients.
Ben Hubbard
Operations Manager

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