Bridging the Gap…

Have you ever gotten a Product Announcement from Mailtrust and thought, “So what?” Ever wished and hoped for a new feature, but still haven’t seen it? I’m willing to bet that when this happens, you shrug and say, “Oh well.” I’m also willing to bet you wish it didn’t have to be that way.
In that case, I can help. How? Mailtrust is currently developing a Customer Advisory Board. In short, we’re inviting Mailtrust customers to have input on what Mailtrust does in the future. We’ll get feedback on things like product enhancements, problems with the current system, favorite features, etc. This is your chance to bridge that gap between you and Mailtrust. Your chance to have a direct affect on the products you spend all day using. Your chance to stop saying, “Oh well,” when we do something you don’t like.
If you feel like you’d be a valuable member of the Advisory Board, let’s talk. My name is Megan Wohlford. My email is megan.wohlford [at] I’m ready to hear your opinions if you’re ready to voice them.

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