Building Trust On A Hybrid Cloud

By Craig Dalton, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Troux Technologies

Troux Technologies is dedicated to forever changing the way businesses make decisions. With Troux software, business leaders, CIOs and their teams can see the big picture and understand exactly where they should be investing in their business.

Our expertise is in leveraging the most advanced technology available to help the Global 2000 companies gain insight into their IT landscape and its alignment to the business. For these market-leading companies, when it comes to security, performance and cost, second best won’t cut it. Because our customers demand the best, Troux Technologies trusts Rackspace.

Our portfolio of solutions, including Troux On-Demand, centers around connecting businesses’ strategies and goals to IT spend. Companies thrive when they have line-of-sight into their infrastructure, a clear understanding of how much they’re spending, and accountability for all of their resources. Instead of taking snap-shots or generating historical reports, Troux accomplishes this through data integration and easy-to-understand reports. Then we tie that directly to the business’ vision, goal and strategies to help create a holistic IT strategy roadmap. Needless to say, with all this analysis and handling of customer data, performance and security are our biggest concerns.

That’s why we found the public cloud alone was lacking. Rackspace’s RackConnect service allowed us to tie our dedicated Oracle Database to a public cloud application, giving us total control over the TCP tunnel and providing unparalleled security and monitoring in a true hybrid cloud environment. The public cloud alone was not a complete fit for our specific applications. Nothing against public cloud – it works great for certain workloads, but we needed something more robust.

Enter Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC). With a hybrid blend of Private Cloud, public cloud and dedicated resources, we found what we were looking for. Troux needed the reassurance of world-class security, high-speed performance and total customization in order to meet our customers’ demands. RPC gave us all of this and more – plus a lower bottom line. The total cost savings on Private Cloud, combined with the improved integrity and performance of our environment, made the decision an easy one except for one glaring issue: customer data migration.

That’s when our Rackspace team really stepped up to the plate. Not only had they helped guide us to this new architecture that was a better fit to our needs, but they went on to migrate all of our operational systems from our previous public cloud environment to our new private cloud. I was floored, as much by the willingness to do that hard work as the fact that the whole migration took place without a single hiccup. No other provider I can think of would have taken on the task of migrating customers in production; and to have completed it with such diligence and responsibility left the Troux team wowed.

And that’s really the point, isn’t it? Rackspace’s technology is, in my opinion, the best platform in its class. The breadth and depth of its portfolio has given us every conceivable option as we’ve grown over the last 13 years. Every time we’ve scaled up to that next level, Rackspace had or built a solution custom-fit to accommodate us. But the technology alone isn’t enough. The real differentiator at Rackspace,– the thing that I recommend to my colleagues — is the people. There is no replacement for the kind of expertise and leadership that Rackers bring to my team. They are truly specialists.

Call it Fanatical Support, or just real-live people who really care about my business’ success; Rackspace’s obsession with great customer service is something we understand at Troux. We work hard to deliver the best results for our customers through custom solutions and expert guidance, the same way Rackers do.

Rackspace and Troux share a common goal – serving businesses with great technology and great people. That’s why I trust them.

This is a guest post written and submitted by Craig Dalton, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Troux Technologies, a Rackspace customer. Troux Technologies accelerates business and IT transformation initiatives with leading strategic IT planning and enterprise portfolio management software.

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