Building43 Launches On Cloud Sites

We’re very pleased to see the Building43 concept come to fruition today, particularly because it is truly a unique part of the Rackspace Family and secondly, because we are hosting the Building43 website on our very own Cloud Sites!

Lew Moorman, President of Cloud and Chief Strategy Officer, Rackspace, blogged about the B43 launch today.  We share in the excitement!

Here is the text from Lew’s post:

Helping You Use the Web:  Welcome Building43

We constantly ask our customers what else we can do to help them.

There is one theme that comes up more than any other: Help me grow my business!  While this strays from our core of offering on-demand computing services, today we are pleased to announce something that should help.

Robert Scoble, Rocky Barbanica, Rob Lagesse and team today launched Building43.  Check it out here.

The goal behind this new community is very simple.  As the Internet grows, it gets more useful, but massively more complex.  How is a business supposed to make sense of all the new tools launching every day?  TechCrunch, GigaOm, Mashable, CNet and many others are all focused on making you aware of these tools, but who is helping you figure out how to actually USE them?  Who can help you, as a businessperson, integrate these tools and drive real results?

Well, that is what Building43 is all about.  The stories up today are just a taste of what is to come.  Mark Zuckerberg talking about how he thinks businesses should use Facebook.  Graham Weston and Tony Hsieh talking about how great service matters even more in the web era and how they use technology to enhance it.   If you find this useful, please join this great new community.

When we announced the hiring of Robert and Rocky this Spring, we were not sure where exactly we would end up.  But, we’re excited to offer some fanatical insights on using the web to grow your business.  Please engage in the community.  Share your ideas.  Tell the world what has worked for you.  Meet others with your same problems. Together let’s grow the next generation of the web.

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