Bulk Mailbox Creation Returns to Control Panel as Bulk Import

Since the release of Control Panel 3.0, users of the Control Panel were missing a feature we call Bulk Mailbox Creation or simply Bulk Import. This feature allows users to create multiple mailboxes at once from an Excel or Comma-Separated (CSV) file. With the recent launch of Control Panel 3.2, we are proud to announce the return of Bulk Mailbox creation for Noteworthy, and the ability to do it for Hosted Exchange as well!
The Control Panel team worked hard on perfecting the import process. Now it’s easier to use and more beneficial for users. As a member of the development team behind the Bulk Import process, I’m excited to introduce a few of the many new features of our Import process:

  • Since the Bulk Import process requires a specially formatted file, we provided template files for both Excel and CSV formats with all the fields you can import. Only some of the fields are required (like Mailbox Name and Password) while others you can leave blank if you choose (like Phone Number and Address).
  • Imports can take a while. During the process, you can navigate away from the import – even close your browser window and your import will still continue. You can start an import in the evening, log off the Control Panel, and sleep soundly knowing we’re importing your data and creating your mailboxes.
  • If any mailboxes could not be created after the import is finished, you’ll find a message in red that tells you how many mailboxes were created out of the total. Plus, a link to the Import Summary for an error log that details why the mailboxes could not be created. For your convenience, at the bottom right corner of the error log is a link to download all the mailbox data that failed to import.

We hope the new and improved Bulk Import feature saves you extra effort next time multiple Noteworthy or Hosted Exchange mailboxes need to be created.

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