Business Email Blunders: Could This Happen To You?

It’s always better to be the blunder catcher than the blunder maker; but we’ve all had our minor, and sometimes not-so-minor, slip-ups when it comes to email. Email is a principal mode for both business and personal communication. It’s estimated that the average email user sends and receives more than 40,000 messages a year. And with more use comes more opportunity for oops moments. Making a mistake in an email to your buddy may cause a chuckle or two, but business email gaffes can cost big bucks or damage your reputation. In extreme cases, an email mess up could cost you your job. Get ready to giggle and cringe as we bring you the most common email blunders and how to avoid them.

Lizetta Staplefoote is a Rackspace Marketing Copywriter with a decade of experience writing about small business challenges for healthcare, real estate, and technology. Her passion is researching and writing about the impact of cloud computing. When she's not wordsmithing, she enjoys hanging out with her sons, exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, and feeding her music addiction.


  1. I don’t like pop-ups, and I don’t appreciate a pop-up for your company showing up on top of a picture in a news article, without the “X” on the corner to close it out. Trust me, if I EVER have need of services such as you provide, I WILL go with your competitor, simply because of your rude, invasive hard-sell tactics. I’m sure you and Yahoo are happy with it, but it is not a good idea – obscuring parts of news articles will not win over people – it will simply annoy them. Good work there, Skippy.

    Kindly do not reply – you’ve already invaded my space and wasted my time. I’d rather you not waste any more. Thank you very much.

    Mrs. T. Jensen.


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