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This is a guest post written and contributed by Chris M. Lantrip, CEO of CyberlinkASP, a Rackspace customer and partner. CyberlinkASP is an IT managed service firm specializing in hosted virtual desktops and VDI.

In 2010 we were at a crossroads. CyberlinkASP was born during the tech boom; starting off as a Citrix VAR and evolving into an application hosting firm. We then transformed into one of the most dynamic hosted virtual desktop and VDI providers in the US. We own and operate our own NOC, help desk, call center and, like many other technology companies, we capitalized our own data center. We hired staff, racked, stacked, bought and managed our own hardware. The rapid adoption of our services brought thousands of users and hundreds of customers our way. We had to expand.

The IaaS game was well underway, but we needed a provider who could match our commitment to our customers; one that also shared our commitment to security, uptime and reliability. We didn’t think anyone could. We cast a net far and wide in search of a provider that could meet our needs and we didn’t think we’d catch anything.

Then we met Rackspace. I listened and learned about Fanatical Support, and wanted to see it for myself. After a great deal of due diligence we decided to try it out and we are glad we did. We learned that Fanatical Support is real. It works. It’s affordable. And it’s available from Rackspace. No one matches the Rackspace commitment to knowing, growing and supporting clients. I know this because I am now one of them and I experience it every day.

Our experience with Rackspace goes beyond support. We require an enterprise class environment: Dell servers, Cisco switches, not white-box hardware. Not re-sell colocation. Our clients are not typical web hosting tenants that hit a server and then disconnect. We power hospitals, pharmacies and financial institutions that are connected for days or weeks at a time accessing apps. We incorporated the Rackspace VNX storage products. These arrays are highly available and always on, which gives us the flexibility to move servers on the fly with no impact. Enterprise grade hardware and support matters to our customers and is a must have.

We quickly expanded into Chicago and London with Rackspace and our footprint continues to grow. It would have been extremely difficult for us to have continued to fund our growth, expand the business and expand our data center footprint simultaneously and on our own. Rackspace takes care of the datacenter piece and we sleep well knowing they have it covered.  We were recently named by CIOReview Magazine as one of the 20 most promising cloud computing companies; we thank Rackspace for helping us get there.

Learn more about CyberlinkASP and Rackspace in this case study.

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