[Case Study] IntervalZero Finds Internal Value by Choosing Rackspace

IntervalZero Inc. designs and develops embedded software products that deliver real-time capability and meet the needs of the international embedded technology market. After a management buyout, IntervalZero of Waltham, Massachusetts, found themselves evaluating whether their email would be best served by an on-premise email solution with third party maintenance or a completely off-premises hosting solution.

According to Daron Underwood, Vice President of Engineering, “as important as email is, not having adequate resources to support it was not an option.” After carefully balancing the initial and ongoing costs of on-premises email, Daron decided that completely outsourcing email to Rackspace would provide the dedicated attention and expertise that modern email demands. More importantly, “focusing time and energy on IT would take us away from our core mission.”

While looking at Rackspace for other IT hosting needs, he discovered our email services. “I’d shopped around for other options but hadn’t seen any other solution that compared to the Rackspace Email & Apps offering,” says Daron. IntervalZero uses Rackspace for all of their mailboxes and takes advantage of the ‘Combine and Save’ option. Interval Zero maintains Rackspace Email web-based email and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in the same domain, under the same account, and even manages them through the same control panel. Daron and his colleagues can provision Rackspace Email or Microsoft Exchange mailboxes based on specific user needs and save up to $11 per user, per month!

IntervalZero can keep a laser sharp focus on their business goals while enjoying the type of expert, accessible support they were accustomed to from having corporate level IT resources in house. Since the switch, Daron says he’s extremely satisfied with his service and experience with Rackspace.

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