[Case Study] Uforia Regains 400+ Hours of IT Staff Time Annually by Choosing Rackspace

Silicon Valley-based Uforia, founded by online gaming industry veterans, specializes in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG). Uforia creates a unique online gaming experience where gamers play free online games with the ability to enhance their experience. Using micro-transactions to purchase online enhancements, gamers can make characters look different or increase functionality with weapons and accessories.

Due to their corporate structure, Chris Keswani, marketing manager, was relying on hardware and technical support resources based in their Korean offices.  When his US-based office needed support with email, they were up against both a 17-hour time difference and communication difficulties between Korean speaking technicians and English speaking users. If Chris needed immediate changes made to his office’s email account at 2pm in the afternoon, the request could take a day or more to be fulfilled. The lack of control over email was becoming a real challenge. Additionally, the email tasks being asked of their highly skilled IT staff were taking their time away from more important projects.

“Our IT staff was spending over 400 hours every year supporting email for our employees,” says Chris “It was costing us time, money, and resources that could have been focused on mission critical projects.”

He’d heard about Rackspace from former colleagues who mentioned that our email solution worked well for them and was easy to use. After he and a few others in his organization evaluated Rackspace, they decided to go with Rackspace Email & Apps because of the affordable cost and the “need for timely support on something as critical as email, made it important to deal with a vendor who had the resources to be responsive.”

Chris now has a new convenience factor with email. He no longer has to wait to make changes or add new mailboxes. When he had questions about using distribution lists, he sent an email to our support department. By the time he got a cup of coffee and returned to his desk, he had an email with the answer he needed. “We work with lots of vendors via email or phone and it typically takes a long time to get answers back,” he says.  He’s happy to have email that he doesn’t have to worry about and support that’s always available and responsive to his needs.  Email is no longer a challenge and his staff is once again focused on games.

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