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Before today, Cloud Big Data was pretty much a self-service solution for customers.
Rackspace has expanded its data services offerings with the addition of Managed Cassandra powered by DataStax as part of its leading, comprehensive data services portfolio.
As the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, open source technologies can provide IT developers and administrators better ways to improve the power and performance of databases.
As Rackspace expands its Managed Data Services portfolio, we’re excited this week to announce the addition of ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch, combining the high availability, scalability and speed of ObjectRocket’s purpose-built platform with the ability to store, search, and analyze a variety of structured and unstructured sources for real-time ad-hoc data discovery.
Rackspace Data Services now supports popular Hadoop ecosystem tools Apache Storm and Apache Kafka.
Have you ever been in the middle of an important meeting — or just a really good lunch — and had to drop everything to run and feed your parking meter?
Big data is going mainstream, and with it, data is increasingly seen as a critical business asset – one that must be organized, managed, analyzed and sorted to be used as a key factor in decision-making processes. As companies collect and store ever greater amounts of data, they’re discovering that new data management roles are necessary to help them meet the challenge of effectively using that data.
It was unseasonably warm on the Santa Monica pier last month for the second annual Techweek Los Angeles, an event that brings together practitioners and startups in every facet of technology, from IT services to consumer tech. Many of the companies in attendance were doing highly innovative things and creating solutions that make life easier through technology, such as building a new way to date or creating the next innovation in online food ordering
For the past few years I’ve used this holiday period as a chance to do some prognostication. It’s a fun exercise – looking back at trends from the previous 12 months and trying to predict what’s next.
In the world of Big Data, bare metal is king. Many companies are seeking an architecture that allows for full utilization of resources like I/O and throughput, but we often hear from you that when it comes to Big Data you are forced to trade the advantages of cloud (elastic, on-demand, flexible) for the consistency and predictability of bare metal. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice one for the other.
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