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If you’re like a lot of IT pros, you’ve probably been asked by your finance department or upper management to reduce your spend and drive efficiency to remain competitive.
Cloud computing has dominated the IT conversation in the last few years, crowding out discussions about the benefits of dedicated server solutions within an organization’s infrastructure mix.
Happy last Friday before the Christmas holiday, dear readers! This holiday season, as I Uber around San Antonio, I’ve been thinking a lot about Everything-as-a-service. In Network World last month, Frederick Paul called it one of the most dominant trends in technology today, this ability to consume more and more things on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis rather than owning it.
As I look back, beyond just 2015 to the last few years of predictions I’ve made, the trend is clear: IT transformation is picking up speed and will continue to rely on expansion into the cloud, while a focus on cybersecurity and the search for talent will continue to impact the industry.
A few weeks ago, Drew and I took our Office Hours Hangout on the road to New Relic’s FutureStack conference. We saw several presentations, and learned so much. My favorite talk from the conference came from Rackspace Senior Process Engineer Robert Chapa. When we asked Robert what that meant, he told us, “I build the automation that helps drive Fanatical Support.” One of the surprising tools Robert has been using is New Relic Insights. Last week we had Robert on the Hangout to re-share that presentation.
In an earlier post, I detailed the risks of “Shadow IT,” the growing practice of employees within a company procuring IT services without the involvement of the IT department.
A decade ago, biomedical scientist Tim El-Sheikh found himself spending countless hours searching through research papers and scientific journals for sources and citations.
Happy Friday everyone! As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, there are many things we have to be thankful for this year. Friends, family and endless pounds of turkey are probably high on the list, but there are other, more nuanced things we have to be thankful for too.
The following post is written by Stephen Coty, chief security evangelist at Alert Logic.
On this week’s Office Hours Hangout we’re talking Containers again, this time with our very special guest, O’Reilly Media CTO Andrew Odewahn. O’Reilly is doing some great things with containers, and were one of the earliest consumers of Carina, our Containers as a Service product now in public beta. We also brought in Kyle Kelley, a developer at Rackspace who’s been working with O’Reilly on several very interesting interactive publications utilizing containers; and Jason Barnhill, the Product Marketing Manager for Carina.
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